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Case Studies 27 . Sep . 2016
Case Studies
IXV Project

Ablative Thermal Protection System for IXV.

27 . Sep . 2016
Thermal Protection System

Since the beginning of space exploration.

Articles 11 . Sep . 2018
Sustainable materials for all types of flooring

Cork is the common denominator used in all our underlays. When applied beneath a flooring system, a cork-based underlay provides greater comfort, protection and longevity to the final floor, ensuring greater energy efficiency and better acoustic and thermal insulation.

27 . Sep . 2016
Crushable TPS

Development and functional testing of an innovative protection system that will simultaneously perform structural and thermal functions, allowing the re-entry process of space capsules to Earth to be simplified. This system will combine the capacity to absorb impact energy on landing and the capacity to support the the…

News 15 . Sep . 2017
Cork is being part of the news. What do you think that hasn't been said yet about cork in the space industry?

Cork… it’s not just for use on Planet Earth! Just as cork has been such an important component of the thermal protection of nearly every rocket launched from Earth, I expect it will find similar applications when we are visiting other moons and planets in our solar system and eventually launching rockets back home from…

News 02 . Feb . 2017
Amorim Cork Composites is going to hit aerospace again, this time with United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Ruag Space.

Next-generation launch rockets of ULA, using composite primary structures supplied by Ruag Space, are going to incorporate Amorim’s ablative thermal solution P50. Under the name Vulcan, these ULA launch rockets will replace Atlas and Delta Launchers, currently using Amorim's product. Fairing shell with Amorim P50 ablat…

Articles 16 . Oct . 2016
Description and functionality

When Amorim Cork Composites added cork and rubber as the core material applied to sandwich wood panels (CPA - acoustic plywood) this was an innovative solution to reduce noise and vibration in interior floors for trains. The combination of viscoelastic material (such as cork) in a sandwich panel contributes greatly to…


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