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Case Studies 14 . Sep . 2020
Case Studies
Stork Projects

Technology meets nature

News 10 . Sep . 2020
What is Stork?

STORK stands for stone and cork and combines different, but highly appreciated, intrinsic characteristics from both natural materials. The solution is designed in layers and, depending on the application, it uses the latest composite modelling strategies and production methods to become a nature blend of two highly val…

Facts and Curiosities 12 . Oct . 2016
Facts and Curiosities
Which endangered species depend on the cork oak forest?

The most endangered species is the Iberian lynx, only found in Portugal and Spain and considered to be critically endangered. According to the WWF - World Wild Fund for Nature, the total number of surviving Iberian lynx in these two countries is lower than 150 adult individuals. Among the endangered species of the Medi…


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