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Case Studies 10 . Oct . 2018
Case Studies
Shock Absorption

On the other hand, in the case of equipment that visitors can interact with, freely using the swings, it was necessary to prepare the floor for the absorption of high impacts in the event of falls. For this purpose, expanded cork was applied in the impact zones, providing cushioning for falls from heights of 2-3 metres…

26 . Jul . 2017
Sport Surfaces

Comfort and safety with cork-based materials that improve shock absorption.

Articles 22 . Jun . 2018
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Given its unique cellular structure, cork has a high shock-absorption capacity and thermal conductivity. These characteristics, together with a natural texture and appearance, make cork infills a non-aggressive solution for players, guaranteeing system performance and reducing wear and tear.

05 . Apr . 2018
Nature's comfort in every step

Cork has proved throughout decades its remarkable comfort performance. Cork aids in a better pressure distribution, producing a cushioning effect whilst simultaneously allowing feet to breathe and controlling foot temperature. Our products enhance foot comfort by providing excellent shock absorption, cushioning, ground…

05 . Apr . 2018

The part of the shoe between the very bottom and where the foot rests.  The midsole is a cushioning layer between the outsole and the upper. Various rubber and foam compounds are used for shock absorption. Generally, heavier-weight materials will be firmer and more durable.

10 . Jul . 2019
Cork inlay, where comfort meets beauty

The NRT technology allows the flooring manufacture to take advantage of the exclusive properties of cork as part of an unique engineered multilayer structure.A natural material with incomparable insulation and shock absorption features, cork provides superior comfort, noise reduction, thermal insulation and resistance.…


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