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09 . Mar . 2018
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14 . Sep . 2018
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Articles 16 . Oct . 2016
What's the impact of a cork composite solution in transportation applications, used in interior floors of passenger railway carriages?

The Alucork® floor is a lightweight composite structure composed of a sandwich panel with a CorecorkTM core, resulting in an appreciable weight reduction compared to current technology plywood panels and an improved noise and thermal insulation performance.

27 . Sep . 2016
Acoustic core materials

The acoustic core materials developed by Amorim Cork Composites can be used to create innovative and more efficient interior systems in different modes of transport. Floor, side and ceiling panels are examples of applications in which cork's lightness and insulating capacity play an important role in the system's perfo…

News 22 . Sep . 2017
Amorim Cork Composites is a member of the consortium responsible for the patent of a totally innovative system, that makes it possible to pr…

The production process of agglomerated cork, preparation of cork surfaces and printing of heating circuits was designed to be continuous, or using sheets. This prevents separation of the layers (delamination) offering the benefit of thermal insulation provided by cork. The invention has various possible industrial appl…


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