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28 . Jun . 2017
Crack prevention in resin impregnated bushing

RIP Condenser Inlay serves as an excellent stress/dimensional absorber

29 . Jun . 2017
News 10 . Sep . 2020
Stork Composition

Thin natural stone layer embedded in agglomerated cork through high resistance resin-fiberglass composite and showing structural adhesive properties.

Case Studies 13 . Sep . 2018
Case Studies
Cork at the heart of the wall covering

The wall coverings and panels created by Submaterial place a wool felt layer - of variable thickness according to the references - over a 3-mm cork backing provided by Amorim Cork Composites.   The backing used by Submaterial is based on cork agglomerate produced from waste derived from the manufacture of wine corks or…

Panels and Composites 09 . Mar . 2018
Panels and Composites
Our Corecork range of products enhance the scope of core materials for composite structures with unique properties.

Cork’s elastic structure composed of closed air filled impermeable cells brings features such as noise and vibration attenuation as well as thermal insulation, making it a versatile core alternative for open and closed mold processes in the composites industry. Its specific formulation ensures a natural perforation for…


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