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News 28 . Sep . 2016

News 15 . Sep . 2017
You’re very familiar with the fact that Amorim has been working with NASA as a technology partner since the beginning of space exploration.…

I’m extremely proud to have had the opportunity to be part of our country’s space program including the amazing opportunity to fly on the Space Shuttle on four occasions. And to know that Amorim cork played such a critical role in the thermal protection system of the Solid Rocket Boosters makes me so thankful to Amorim…

News 26 . Jul . 2017
Cork is being used by Aerospace contractors working on the future spacecrafts that are expected to take humans to Mars and deep space in the…

NASA is working with several prime contractors to build and launch the next generation of spacecraft designed for long-distances flights into space. The program is broken into two parts: the crew capsule, called Orion, and the rocket known as the Space Launch System (SLS).   Cork is used as a heat shield, a key piece o…


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