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Consumer Goods 08 . Jan . 2019
Consumer Goods
Since its origins many centuries ago, cork has been associated with the manufacture of cups and other receptacles. Nowadays, developers and…

Original and durable, enjoy the aesthetics and versatility of different cork products for the home and kitchen. You can use them simply as decorative objects or explore the more practical and useful side of our different products. By your side as you cook or enjoy a meal with family or friends, our products can bring…

10 . Jul . 2019
Laminate Flooring

Glue Adhesive used to provide extra durability and moisture resistance in areas that might be exposed to high moisture, such as bathrooms and near kitchen sinks.

News 26 . Sep . 2019
Minimalist and functional interior

Cork House consists of five intercommunicating blocks that end in pyramid shaped roofs with skylights for ventilation and interior daylighting. Measuring 44 m2, it has an open plan kitchen with a dining area, living room, bedroom, bathroom and terrace, which ensures the transition with the exterior.   The interior is s…

08 . Jan . 2019

Whether you are a glass-half-full or half-empty sort of person, Parte will work for you. Water-repellent, light yet durable, streamlined for optimum capacity and unfussy elegance, this bowl will fit nicely in your kitchen counter, bathroom vanity or office desk. A wicked design twist applied to a clean-cut form means P…

08 . Jan . 2019

A dash, a pinch, a shake is all it takes for magic to happen: an ingredient is revived, a mixture is set to rights, a concoction becomes a delicacy. Upstaged by other more flamboyant players, it is nevertheless the quiet alchemy of salt and pepper that spells delight or disaster in the kitchen. Used wisely they rally t…

08 . Jan . 2019

Senta is a contradiction on 4 legs: the possibility to sit down while on the move, to harmonize your nomadic and contemplative instincts. A fool-proof, pack & carry stool you can assemble and use anywhere, Senta fits 4 wooden legs into a cork seat that is both sturdy and flexible, making for a comfortable sitting s…

Blog 31 . Jul . 2019
Cork highlights that match your style

In addition to more technical applications, cork can also be used to create a nature-inspired, gentle and organic environment. For example, have you ever thought of covering that white living-room wall with cork? With different finishes and textures, cork roll or self-adhesive cork panelling is easy to apply and immedi…

Blog 11 . Sep . 2019
text 2

Small cork pieces for a home that reflects your style If a cork wall covering does not fit your project or if you prefer something less permanent and more discreet, you can choose to incorporate small cork details when decorating your home. Given how easy it is to handle and cut, rolled cork is perfect, for example, to…

News 19 . May . 2017
After this assembly, what would you point as the biggest flooring trends in Europe?

Rigid MMF products are becoming more and more popular, and we register a slow but constant growth of class 2 products (polymer core) in Europe. We also see a growing demand for water-resistant products which are perfect for use in different areas not only in private kitchens and bathrooms, but also in the commercial se…

Blog 27 . Nov . 2019
Go4cork: memo boards for all tastes

Made of cork, magnetic, designed for writing with chalk, with maps included... There are many Go4cork memo board options. And there's definitely one that fits your needs. Cork memo boards In naturally-coloured cork with a pine or grey frame, these are the most traditional choice and suit any environment, whether it’s a…


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