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27 . Sep . 2016
News 27 . Sep . 2019
New products and new tendencies

Incorporation of non-cork raw materials, and thereby promoting industrial symbioses with other companies, enables us to create new products and new trends, increasing the company's competitiveness, and generating differentiation that maintains cork as an essential and distinctive raw material.   This is a new strategy,…

News 31 . Oct . 2018
intro 2

Creation and innovation are the project’s two main vectors, whose main mission is to design new materials, and test and exploit the application of new technologies that haven’t yet entered into industrial production. It thereby aims to leverage Amorim Cork Composites’ resources, know-how and production processes. Led b…

News 22 . Sep . 2017
Amorim Cork Composites is a member of the consortium responsible for the patent of a totally innovative system, that makes it possible to pr…

The production process of agglomerated cork, preparation of cork surfaces and printing of heating circuits was designed to be continuous, or using sheets. This prevents separation of the layers (delamination) offering the benefit of thermal insulation provided by cork. The invention has various possible industrial appl…

Notícias 02 . Nov . 2020
The Life Cycle Assessments analyzed different ACC products and concluded that they all have a negative carbon balance, when considering the…

From the origin of the raw materials to the factory gate: what are the environmental impacts of Amorim Cork Composites’ products? This was this question that we wanted to answer when we began a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process for several products. The results showed that, without exception, they all have a negative…

Case Studies 31 . May . 2017
Case Studies
Optimisation of deck assembly and upstream processes

Since 2009 WOLZ NAUTIC has been pioneering in cork technology, significantly improving deck assembly in terms of man-hours, material costs, material handling and finishing.These advantages are made possible by the unique features of cork technology.Cork can be joined with conventional industrial adhesives and various s…


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