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05 . Apr . 2018
Health & Orthopaedic

High comfort performance, lightweight, compression recovery, warm feeling, excellent thermal insulation and hypoallergenic.

02 . Jan . 2019
Noise and health

Although not everyone reacts to sound in the same manner, noise is considered to be any unwanted sound which causes an unpleasant or bothersome feeling in the human ear. Continuous exposure to excessive levels of noise contributes to an increase in stress levels and has an impact on our well-being, making it difficult…

Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Is cork good for your health?

Yes. Research carried out by University of Porto reveal that cork has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. The University of Bordeaux II also discovered that cork stoppers pass those health-giving properties to the wine. Furthermore, when it is applied to flooring and footwear, cork contributes to improve post…

05 . Apr . 2018
Health & Orthopaedic

Reduce and prevent foot illness.

Case Studies 05 . Feb . 2018
Case Studies
feature: Cleanliness & Health

Cleanliness and Health

Case Studies 23 . Mar . 2018
Case Studies
feature: Cleanliness & Health

Cleanliness & Health

10 . Jul . 2019
Build a final flooring thinking about Health and Nature

Cork is a natural and sustainable raw material, answering the demands of ecofriendly solutions. The use of other recycled materials is also a contribution to this market trend and is aligned with the environmental company strategy. We believe the use of recycled materials, with adequate quality and quantity available r…

28 . May . 2019
Tiago Lopes

Working at Amorim Cork Composites is highly enriching and also at times very challenging. The dynamics of the company require the best of all of us. Every day we have new goals and new projects that allow us to develop as professionals. The fast pace and variety of challenges allows us to quickly succeed and move to  t…

28 . Nov . 2018
05 . Apr . 2018
05 . Apr . 2018
News 17 . Apr . 2019
Green Construction

The main constituent of ACM52 is cork, which is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. A sustainable product that guarantees protection against risks to human health and the environment, in compliance with current REACH regulations, contributing to energy savings.

Panels and Composites 09 . Mar . 2018
Panels and Composites
Green construction

The main constituent of ACM30 and ACM52 is cork which is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable, it is a sustainable product that guarantees protection against risks to human health and the environment, complying to current REACH regulation, contributing to energy savings.

06 . Aug . 2018
Do you think that sound insulation is important in the daily lives of users of buildings?

Recent research has revealed that sound insulation is closely linked to productivity and concentration. Environments with poorer acoustic conditions affect people’s health and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

02 . Jul . 2019
Versatility with sustainability in mind

Cork's visual and sensorial appearance, it's reliability, durability, sense of comfort and safety and ecological features will inspire you to shape a whole new sustainable world. No other energy-efficient material performs so well and with such quality. And not only it is eco-friendly, but also it is good for your heal…

News 22 . Sep . 2017

Use of natural cork in footwear dates back to the Roman era. Since the early 1930’s natural cork slabs have been used to make shoe platforms and orthopaedic components, the “star” performer in the field of foot health and comfort. For many decades, cork has been the simplest, best quality and most lightweight option, i…

26 . Jul . 2017
Developing sustainable solutions for sport systems from a green or circular economy.

Amorim Cork Composites offers the perfect solutions for sport surfaces that require high resilience and user comfort and safety. Gyms, tartan race tracks, stadiums and other sports centres are already using our solutions as a final floor or as part of a floor system with more complex requirements, such as artificial tu…

Articles 18 . May . 2018
Respect for people

The studies undertaken[1] thus far indicate that the use of turf with artificial infills, specifically SBR rubber, entails no health hazards. However, players and the community are often concerned about the risk of oral intake, inhalation or skin contact with potentially hazardous elements contained in rubber particles…

27 . Sep . 2016
Food contact

Amorim Cork Composites develops a product suitable for the food industry   Aware of the need to permanently update itself, Amorim Cork Composites is now launching a line of “Food Contact” materials, consisting of products suitable for being in contact with food. These solutions, made of cork, a 100% natural and recycl…

27 . Sep . 2016
Commitment to the Forest Custody Chain

We prefer to use cork from well managed forests, certified by the forest certification system of the Forest  Stewardship Council® (FSC®- C022338), and/or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).   We do not sell FSC or PEFC certified products which have included the following categorie…

News 11 . Dec . 2017
Cork floating islands treat wastewater

Amorim Cork Composites is a partner in the development of an ecological solution to ensure the healthy balance of surface waters.

Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber L.).

100 percent natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is, whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, one of the world’s most versatile materials. It takes each cork oak 25 years before it can be stripped for the first time and it is only from the third stripping (at 43 years of age) that the cork, th…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019
text 2

2. It makes a difference in the lives of people who depend on it Cork is an important social and economic development factor for Western Mediterranean countries, enabling people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid areas. In addition to thousands of direct jobs, the cork oak forest generates various oth…

08 . Jan . 2019
Alma Gémea, a love story.

Alma Gémea combines cork and ceramics - two noble materials, both of which have a long tradition in Portugal. The use and combination of these materials, in an innovative and differentiating manner, naturally brings us to the most sophisticated dimension of contemporary home design. Alma Gémea is a forward-looking prod…

News 28 . Sep . 2016
Dan Thomas, a retired NASA astronaut, visited the premises of Amorim Cork Composites, in Trevor (USA), to honour the employees of the compan…

According to the American - who spent 43 days, 8 hours and 13 minutes in space spread over four missions - the Amorim P50 product is a key component for ensuring the safety of the astronauts and he partly owes his own life to it. "I would not be here, whole and healthy, if you had not guaranteed that all was well made…

News 15 . Sep . 2017
On the verge of Mars colonization and deep space exploration over the coming decades, how do you think your experience as an astronaut has c…

Even though the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs were focused exclusively on Earth orbit missions, what we have learned and the experience gained will be a tremendous help as we head to Mars and explore deep space. Much of the technology we will be using in the new Space Launch System rockets is d…


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