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News 10 . Jul . 2018
"Cork slows heat transmission through the fairing and keeps the carbon structure below a critical temperature"

Cork was the material highlighted in the June 8 edition of the German journal VDI nachrichten.

Panels and Composites 28 . Aug . 2018
Panels and Composites
Primary Decking Materials

ACM30 is a cork composite, a material specially formulated to be used as an exterior primary deck covering for leveling and fairing with additional features.

27 . Sep . 2016
Panels and Composites 09 . Mar . 2018
Panels and Composites

Due to the materials composition, besides its leveling and fairing function it significantly benefits weight reduction, being 2 to 5 times lighter than conventional primary decking’s having a direct impact on final vessel weight, stability and therefore improved vessel performance and rating.

News 02 . Feb . 2017
Amorim Cork Composites is going to hit aerospace again, this time with United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Ruag Space.

Next-generation launch rockets of ULA, using composite primary structures supplied by Ruag Space, are going to incorporate Amorim’s ablative thermal solution P50. Under the name Vulcan, these ULA launch rockets will replace Atlas and Delta Launchers, currently using Amorim's product. Fairing shell with Amorim P50 ablat…


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