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News 26 . Jul . 2017

27 . Sep . 2016

Find here our contacts: Amorim Cork Composites the cork industry world leader.

News 02 . Feb . 2017

About Us 27 . Sep . 2016
About Us
The cork industry world leader

At Amorim Cork Composites, we strive daily to reinvent the world: we recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. And thus do we invent a new world.

News 15 . Feb . 2017
Several exhibitors presented also new concepts with cork.

Over the years, designers from all over the world have been working together with Amorim Cork Composites to create magnificent design concepts, which have contributed to raise awareness to this unique material.

Case Studies 03 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies
Knoll – the world-leading North American manufacturer of modern furniture for the home and office – has rediscovered cork as a raw material…

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland designed the Porto and Lisbon cork tiles included in the Beller Collection from Spinneybeck, which chose Amorim Cork Composites to produce these decorative modules that guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The collection won the #MetropolisLikes prize in NeoCon…

07 . Apr . 2021
Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites part of Corticeira Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry with a long track of achievements using cork in demanding industries such as construction, flooring, sports surfaces, mobility, energy sealing, consumer goods, furnishings, and footwear. We recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natur…

Mobility 28 . Aug . 2018
Final Decking Materials

Amorim Decking Materials are a combination of incomparable functionality and luxurious aesthetics, bound together in a natural cork composite. Cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. Whether from an environmental, social or economic perspective, it’s one of the world’s most versatile materials.

Porquê a Cortiça? 19 . Feb . 2021
Porquê a Cortiça?
A waste free future

To protect the future we need to rethink the way that we see waste. At Amorim Cork Composites, we aim to develop a circular future, transforming what was previously considered to be waste into new creative opportunities. We combine cork with surplus products from other industries and this helps us to develop solutions…

News 14 . Apr . 2022

Amorim Cork Composites, Corticeira Amorim’s business unit that develops products, solutions and applications for some of the most sophisticated industries in the world, is celebrating the successful test flight of a groundbreaking electric plane that used Amorim Cork Composites materials in its battery system.

26 . Apr . 2022
Cork and rubber gaskets

National is a Swedish partner company of Amorim Cork Composites for sealing solutions focused on the automotive industry. As it specialises in heavy machinery, selected Amorim Tech Seal solutions to seal the fuel tank caps of tractors, trucks, and other heavy vehicles. ​ The rubber-applied cork gaskets fully matched th…

News 14 . Jun . 2021

Cork is, once again, the elected material for the Serpentine Summer Pavilion. Supplied by Amorim Cork Composites, this raw material has a prominent place in one of the world's leading architectural exhibitions. 200m2 of cork were the answer to the South African architecture collective Counterspace, founded and lead by…

News 25 . Oct . 2016
The initiative got the company and researchers to work side by side, making clear both parties’ willingness to collaborate in projects that…

Amorim Cork Composites (ACC) is giving increasing importance to its proximity to higher education institutions. Proof of this is the company’s total openness to the invitations sent by universities around the world that promote the exchange of knowledge and the search for new solutions involving cork. In this area, Amo…

News 17 . Nov . 2022
intro (1) (2)

ACC Design Studio is a space for innovation and creativity where cork and design unite.This creative studio is underpinned by three essential objectives. The first is to develop new concepts, in which Amorim Cork Composites collaborates with brands.The second objective is to provide monitoring and technical support for…

27 . Sep . 2016
Cork mindset

Cork, as part of the world’s forests, helps maximize carbon sequestration and consequently counters global warming and climate changes. Cork is the bark of Quercus Suber L. and is renewed every nine years. Amorim Cork Composites is also using sub-products from cork stoppers production as raw material. This value-chain…

Articles 13 . Oct . 2016
Future prospects

The underlay solutions of Amorim Cork Composites currently encompass 60-65% of the market, with a tendency to increase. The business area which covers sports flooring is a world of opportunities for the dissemination and application of underlay products. A considerable increase in markets like South America, Brazil, In…

News 01 . Jun . 2017
Nitrocork is a new range of products developed by the renowned brand Bahí&Güell in partnership with Amorim Cork Composites.

It is the first range of products that uses cork as an insulating material to cook food using liquid nitrogen.Cork is the best material for thermal insulation purposes and Bahí&Güell came up with this idea: Why not take advantage of this exceptional material for cooking purposes? Amorim Cork Composites was the idea…

02 . Jul . 2019
We have always been circular

Amorim Cork Composites, the company that owns Go4Cork, has always been committed to ensuring the transition from a linear economy of “take, make and dispose” to a circular economy. The idea of a cycle at the heart of the circular economy is also clearly present in the solutions we offer: we want to continuously creat…

News 22 . Sep . 2022
Led by innovation, we have developed a range of cork bio composites that offer the mouldability of plastics and the lightness and sustainabi…

Cork, the outer bark of the cork oak tree, is an extraordinary material that can be applied in a wide array of different situations in our daily lives. From its gentle touch to its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, this 100% natural, renewable, and recyclable raw material is one of the world’s most versatile…

News 28 . Nov . 2016
This action forms part of the company's Sustainability Program, the "Natural Choice".

Vila de Mora, in the district of Évora, recently welcomed 80 volunteers of Corticeira Amorim who planted 2000 cork oaks, thus increasing the forest area of Portugal's National Tree. Herdade da Barroca, a property of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Mora, was the scene of the initiative that directly involved the community…

22 . Jan . 2020
About Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites is a world-renowned company with a long legacy of achievements in aerospace, transportation, construction and sustainable green products using cork. At our Innovation and R&D centre, we are always searching for new and high performance solutions.Targeted towards the LVT flooring industry’s ne…

News 13 . Mar . 2020
In the scope of a partnership with Vitra Design Museum, Amorim Cork Composites has produced 3,200 agglomerated cork pieces for the exhibitio…

The partnership between Amorim Cork Composites and Vitra Design Museum (VDM) - one of the world’s most important design museums – has brought over 3,200 agglomerated cork pieces to Weil am Rhein, Germany. The blocks are being used in the exhibition Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors. They have made it pos…

News 18 . Dec . 2020

The museum and cultural district of WOW - World of Wine - in Porto has a museum displaying more than 9000 years of history and evolution of drinking vessels. In a journey dating back to 7000 BC, The Bridge Collection museum brings together more than 1800 pieces that tell the story of man and mankind through these vesse…

26 . Apr . 2022
Cork-rubber composite solutions specifically designed to produce the most suitable materials for sealing

Amorim Tech Seal's priority are the automotive, heavy duty and gas industries. As a result of continuous investment in R&D, we have developed a very diversified portfolio of sealing solutions for these areas. We work closely with our customers to develop sealing joints adapted to the requirements of each project. O…

04 . Nov . 2021
Polymers and the circular economy

Although this is an article about silence, since we are talking about cork’s impact on the quality of life in urban contexts, it would be absurd to focus solely on cork's acoustic performance. Cork is valued in the building industry due to many other characteristics, in particular the fact that it offers excellent ther…

News 04 . Oct . 2017

Visitors to the "Hyundai Commission: SUPERFLEX: One Two Three Swing!" are now able to walk along a colossal cork installation, presented in the Tate Modern - one of the world's most respected contemporary art institutions. About 5,000 m2 of an innovative cork composite have been applied in Turbine Hall - an iconic spac…

Articles 03 . Jul . 2019

Let us introduce you to Go4cork, a new brand of DIY cork products created especially for people who are always thinking of the next project for renovating or decorating their house or office, but are also concerned with the environment and value responsible consumption. With Go4cork it’s so easy to make small changes o…

Case Studies 04 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies
products: metamorphosis

The METAMORPHOSIS project brings together ten professionals from the fields of world design and architecture. Three of those invited are even winners of the Pritzker Prize: Álvaro Siza (Portugal), Eduardo Souto de Moura (Portugal) and Herzog & de Meuron (Switzerland). Also challenged to present different approaches…

Case Studies 14 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies
Project Description

Amorim Cork Composites is developing cork surfboards for the Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara. These cork surfboards are specifically designed to successfully surf amazing sized waves never ridden before. This project was launched in 2013 with a view to designing high efficiency surfboards making use of Portuguese raw…

News 30 . Jan . 2017
How and when did you have the idea of using this raw material (cork) to create the Beller Collection?

It all started in January 2015 when Benjamin Pardo, executive vice president at Knoll, reached out to me. Both he and Roger Wall, president of Spinneybeck, had been interested in adding cork products to the Knoll and Spinneybeck collection. During their preliminary research they had come across some of my earlier work…

Articles 10 . Sep . 2019

Step 1: Go4cork products are produced mainly with unused cork from the cork stopper industry. When we think about cork, we almost automatically think about cork stoppers. However, the production of cork stoppers uses only around 30 % of this raw material. It was precisely to give new life to this industry’s unused cork…


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