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15 . Jul . 2019

Protect your table with cork coasters.   Lightweight and waterproof. You can place any type of cup or mug on them. The natural colour of cork is neutral, and easily matches the rest of your table decor.

Articles 27 . Nov . 2019
Creative ideas with cork

Go4cork mouse and desk pads, planners and memo boards can also be complemented with other cork items and pieces you’ve made yourself.Go4cork cork trays, for example, are very useful for organising small objects and keeping your desk tidy. Coasters, on the other hand, protect surfaces and prevent spilled drinks. Also, t…

Articles 31 . Jul . 2019
Cork highlights that match your style

In addition to more technical applications, cork can also be used to create a nature-inspired, gentle and organic environment. For example, have you ever thought of covering that white living-room wall with cork? With different finishes and textures, cork roll or self-adhesive cork panelling is easy to apply and immedi…


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