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Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Cork is the option of architects awarded the Pritzker Prize

Various architects have already chosen cork for their projects. Such is the case of Eduardo Souto Moura and Siza Vieira, Pritzker Prize winners, and the Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron team (Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012).

News 07 . Mar . 2018
"I think that cork is extraordinary!"

In this interview, the architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça talks about his emblematic work - the Lisbon Cruise Terminal - which uses an innovative solution that endows it with greater structural lightness: concrete mixed with cork.

05 . Feb . 2018
Lisbon Cruise Terminal by architect Carrilho da Graça

In this video, the architect Carrilho da Graça concludes that “it’s a material that I’ll come to use in the future and I hope it has quite a future”.

News 26 . Sep . 2019
Cork House: a sustainable and awarded project

Cork House is an innovative project that uses cork as its main building material.

News 15 . Feb . 2017
Cork under the spotlight of Stockholm Furniture Fair

The material library was the main stage for cork´s presentation, where designers and architects had the opportunity to be introduced to the science of nature.

News 15 . May . 2017

News 03 . Jul . 2017

News 30 . Jan . 2017
"The reception of the Beller collection has exceeded all my expectations."

"We have already won two major awards in the US, and the feedback from architects, traders, and designers has been great."

Case Studies 04 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies
Álvaro Siza, Portuguese architect winner of the Pritzker Prize in 1992

"The advantages of working with cork as a raw material in this project are fully evident if we consider the temperature, lightness and flexibility that the bench will have, which is reflected in comfort at various levels."

News 30 . May . 2019
Cork installation in New York, in the showroom of Ligne Roset

Designed by the architect Bernard Dubois, Ligne 102 offers a unique and unexpected visual concept of cork.

Case Studies 10 . Oct . 2018
Case Studies
Forest of swings

Known for their highly humorous works, the artists created a huge "forest" of swings and invited visitors to use them individually or in a group. In addition to the cork floor, which ensures soft landings, while also creating an organic and sensory environment, the swivel seats are also made of cork.   Choice of cork f…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019
7 reasons to use cork in your home construction and decoration

Cork has been gaining prominence among architects, engineers and designers worldwide, who use it in increasingly creative and innovative ways. Indulge yourself, and enjoy all the benefits that this natural material has to offer.

Case Studies 04 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies

The 2012 Serpentine Pavilion presents itself as a cork lounge, circular in shape with a multi-level complex structure in which 108 pieces of expanded agglomerated cork furniture proliferate, specifically designed by Ai Weiwei and Herzog and de Meuron for this purpose and hand carved by technicians of Amorim, with the s…

Case Studies 13 . Sep . 2018
Case Studies

Founded in 2006, the US studio Submaterial is dedicated to the development of wall coverings and panels designed to reduce indoor acoustic impact. Manufactured from sustainable raw materials, such as wool felt and cork, their wall coverings are highly valued by architects and interior designers and have already won a n…

06 . Aug . 2018
How do you follow the evolution of cork-based materials and systems in this specific market (Noise & Vibration)?

Cork-based materials have been used in other industries for many centuries. The current challenge in the building acoustics market is to present these cork-based materials to architects and consultants who can then apply them in the design of their buildings in order to reduce impact noise.

About Us 27 . Sep . 2016
About Us
It is at the forefront of industry, technology and sustainability

Its signature is on the most unlikely everyday objects, Olympic sports equipment, organic solvents, high profile global works, state-of-the-art road and railway projects, spacecraft... Within the panorama of contemporary creation, it challenges designers, scientists and architects to explore the endless potential of co…

News 27 . Sep . 2019
Leonor Antunes

Born in Lisbon in 1972, she has lived in Berlin since 2004. Leonor Antunes's design work is known for its affinity with modernism and its specific geometric patterns, as well as the shapes and structures that were particularly valued by architects and designers in the early 20th century. Her work is mathematical, with…

News 04 . Oct . 2017
The largest cork installation presented in the United Kingdom

This is the largest ever cork installation to be presented in the United Kingdom. The work is led by SUPERFLEX, a Danish collective that has become internationally renowned for its interests in urban spaces and the way that art can be used to question society’s authenticity.   Selection of cork for the 3rd edition of t…

Case Studies 06 . Feb . 2019
Case Studies
About Tacklebox

Managed by Jeremy Barbour, Tacklebox is an innovative architecture firm based in New York whose portfolio includes projects for the stores of brands such as Aesop, Kenneth Cole and 3.1 Phillip Lim. It is included on The Architect’s Newspaper’s list of the 50 best interior architecture firms.

Case Studies 09 . Mar . 2018
Case Studies
About the project

Designed by the Portuguese architect, Carrilho da Graça, the new Lisbon Cruise Terminal, inaugurated in November 2017, has 13,800 m2, distributed across three floors, and has 360 public parking spaces and 80 parking spaces for buses and other tourist vehicles. The new terminal is designed to serve 1.8 million passenger…

Articles 03 . Oct . 2016
body - sustainable realm

The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates, acquiring a smoother texture following each harvest. To participate in the harvesting of cork is an experience of a life time, and the start of an endless journey of discovery, where one´s senses are continuously granted with nature’s symphony. Over its history, Amo…

27 . Mar . 2018
Cork-based solutions: one of the main pathways for development

The museum structure itself attracts at least as much attention as the art works on display. It is a spectacular building carved out of former grain silos, dating back to 1920, which now house the Zeitz Museum and a 28-room boutique luxury hotel designed by the renowned UK architect, Thomas Heatherwick. In today’s worl…

Case Studies 03 . Oct . 2016
Case Studies

To answer Spinneybeck criterias and demandings of its new collection, Amorim Cork Composites developed materials, processes and tools to produce the cork tiles designed by Lars Beller Fjetland.  Lisboa and Porto tiles are acoustically absorptive composite cork wall tiles composed of 1’-4” square modules that install ea…

27 . Sep . 2016
Privacy Policy

Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. Commitment The protection of privacy and personal data is a fundamental commitment of Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. to the customers ("Customers") of its products and services. Amorim Cork Composites, S.A. (Corticeira Amorim), S.A. advises you to read this Privacy Policy and its updates.  …


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