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A new perspective on cork

Cork by Amorim - Curated by Experimentadesign

A different insight into cork

MATERIA cork by Amorim curated by Experimentadesign is a collection of everyday objects produced in cork. Each piece combines the unique personality and properties of cork with a contemporary glance from 12 different national and international studios and designers: Big Game, Daniel Caramelo, Fernando Brízio, Filipe Alarcão, Inga Sempé, James Irvine, Miguel Vieira Baptista, Nendo, Marco Sousa Santos, Pedrita, Raw Edges and Keiji Takeuchi.

Reusable and biodegradable, cork is one of the most versatile and sustainable raw materials in the world. It is impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible, hypoallergenic, highly resistant, light and can float. Unique characteristics that the objects of the MATERIA collection celebrate and exploit through the use of the most advanced production technologies.

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  • Comfort and elegance taken in detail

    MATERIA is much more than a collection of cork objects. Each piece represents the perfect balance between the smooth touch of cork, functionality and contemporary design.

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  • Useful and ready to use every day

    By your side, while working, relaxing or enjoying a meal with family and friends. Light and unpretentious, the objects of the MATERIA collection fit perfectly into your daily routine.

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  • A new perspective on cork

    Cork like you have never seen before. With a minimalist aesthetic, each piece takes advantage of the unique features of cork, in particular its tactile properties, to create beautiful objects that you want to have and use at all times.

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MATERIA, Cork by Amorim

MATERIA, a collection of objects for daily use made of cork and in which the design assumes a fundamental role, was born from the challenge laid down by Corticeira Amorim to Experimentadesign for the exploration of new approaches to cork. In some pieces, cork is complemented by other materials, but is always the main character. The project was presented in 2011, in Milan, with a total of 12 objects developed by studios and designers of seven nationalities. Since then, it has been growing and the goal is to continue to expand, with the regular launch of new pieces.

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