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Properties of cork for increasing sports performance

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Nowadays cork has a place in numerous sports and leisure activities.
Its 100% natural origin and characteristics such as lightness and durability also make it the ideal raw material for creating products that can be used in many sports.

A conscious cork-based yoga collection that aims to convey mindfulness and profound respect for nature.
Holistic practices can have a major positive influence on our lives. We aim to commercialize mindful essentials, i.e. items that we consider to be essential for everyday life, and believe that this includes the most essential Yoga tools. We focus on offering a selected range of essentials - that are beautiful, useful, and highly respectful of nature.

Yoga Colletion

  • Cork Yoga Blocks

    Cork Yoga blocks are perfect for providing support and added security to newcomers to the activity who aren’t yet very flexible. The blocks enable advanced yoga enthusiasts to carry out strength training and help them to achieve more demanding balance positions.

    Cork Yoga Block - Go4cork.jpg
  • Cork Yoga Mat

    The Cork Yoga Mat is a combination of a foam bottom and a smooth natural cork top layer, offering perfect cushioning and a non-slip surface with the perfect grip.

    Cork Yoga Mat - Go4cork.jpg
  • Cork Yoga Roller

    Cork Yoga Roller is a good option to promote fluid exercise techniques and promote blood circulation and well-being, in addition to having an ergonomic shape and upper holes for better grip.

    Cork Yoga Roller - Go4cork.jpg
  • Cork Yoga Egg

    Curved to the contours of your body, egg shape yoga blocks allow you to fine tune the level of support you need and gently move deeper into a posture.

    Cork Yoga Egg - Go4cork.jpg
  • Cork Yoga Sphere

    The Cork Yoga Sphere has the perfect density and size to enhances joint movement, perfect to relieves pain, stress, and promotes circulation.

    Cork Yoga Sphere - Go4cork.jpg



Yoga Collection

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