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Techseal - Multipurpose Seals and Gaskets

Soft Gasket Material Technology Seals and Gaskets

Unique features make it the preferred sealing material used across multiple applications in industrial equipment, natural gas and liquid petroleum gas components.

Techseal is a range of engineered sealing materials based on soft gasket technology, specifically designed and tested to withstand application in several environments, while providing cost effective final product customization and manufacturing options.

Unique blends of cork and select rubbers produce materials indicated for soft gaskets sealing, that due to reduced side flow, allow for larger contact areas and higher compression ratios which guarantee an effective sealing barrier against potential flange surface imperfections, distortions and leakage paths.

Extensive material testing and application evaluation continues to drive the development of unique materials and solutions in this product family, while maintaining recognition and the track record in gas meters and regulators, gears and pumps.

  • Reliability

    Equipment manufacturers and end users expect sealing systems to operate leak free and to maintain a long service life. TechSeal sealing materials are a bespoke approach to sealing systems having in mind that gasket reliability is defined by a variety of application factors like temperature and chemical resistance, flange distortion and fastener loading and ultimately gasket design, this is what makes the TechSeal range a flexible and functional approach to reliable soft gasket sealing. 

  • Load to Seal

    TechSeal® products require a low load to seal stress which means that economical hardware designs can be used instead of structured and tight tolerance surface finishes. A lower load to seal leads to hardware gains such as optimized hardware designs including lower grade or smaller size fasteners, resulting in lower torques which also benefit lower distortion issues and safer fastener working ranges.



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