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Learn how to reduce noise in power transformers

Free Webinar | October 12th

How to reduce noise in Power Transformers?

T&D industry trends and requirements have created high demand for low noise equipment with a good long-term performance.

On October 12th our experts will be live on a free webinar to share their knowledge about this hot topic. If you want to learn more about noise reduction strategies and key calculations in vibration pad design join us now!


October, 12th. 2:00 PM (GTM)


During this webinar you will learn about:
- 4 noise reduction strategies
- Key calculations in vibration pad design

Duration: 45 minutes.


João Fernandes
João Fernandes graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lisbon.
He has dedicated his 16 year professional career to the Amorim Group, passing through several positions and departments.
After starting out as a test and application engineer due to his solid technical background, he accumulated the roles of project manager and technical sales manager responsible for the key accounts in the B2B context.
Since the beginning of 2016, João is the Global Segment Manager for the Industry cluster, managing value propositions and business development for several B2B segments.

Rui Palavra
Rui Palavra graduated with a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Porto.
He began his eighteen year career with the Amorim Group in the Quality department at Rubecork S.A., before moving to their Technical department.
He then took the role of Process Engineering Manager at Amorim Industrial Solutions and at Amorim Cork Composites, where he managed the department for eight years.
In 2010, Rui became a Project Manager at the R&D department, before moving to the Sales department as an Application Engineer. He is now the Global Technical Manager at Amorim Cork Composites.

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