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Primary Decking Materials

Lightweight IMO/MED Certified Deck Covering Panels and Composites

IMO/MED Certified

With the development of the breakthrough ACM30 material, our engineers have brought a radical new product to life.

ACM30 is a product certified with the Wheel mark symbol. The IMO/MED Wheel mark & USCG certification applicable to flagged ships and sea-going vessels such as yachts, passenger and cruise ships.

  • The decking of the future

    ACM30 is a cork composite, a material specially formulated to be used as an exterior primary deck covering for leveling and fairing with additional features


    Due to the materials composition it significantly benefits weight reduction, being 2 to 5 times lighter than available primary decking’s therefore improving vessel performance and rating and consequently energy savings. It also serves as a structural damping soundproofing and thermal insulation barrier of the deck.



Primary Decking Materials Type

Grade ACM 30
Density (Kg/m³) (1) 320-420
Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) (2) 0,065*
Loss Factor (20ºC @ 1Hz) (3) 0,11*

(1) ASTM F1315 (2) ISO 8301 (3) ASTM E756 * Typical Values

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