Materials & Applications

Final Decking Materials

ACM49 and ACM94 Panels and Composites

Adding comfort and performance to your decking

Amorim Decking Materials are a combination of incomparable functionality and luxurious aesthetics, bound together in a natural cork composite.
Cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. Whether from an environmental, social or economic perspective, it’s one of the world’s most versatile materials.

Cork, more than appearances

ACM49 and ACM94 are elegant alternatives for a variety of decking surfaces ranging from professional and recreational marine vessels, pool decks, pontoons, to wellness centers.

  • ACM 49

    ACM49 is a cork rubber composite material used for deck coverings in professional and recreational marine vessels, pool decks, pontoons and wellness centers.
    The combination of cork and selected rubbers leads to unique properties, providing a durable and slip resistant covering, with enviable aesthetics, easy to maintain and clean.

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  • ACM 94

    ACM94 is a cork composite material used for deck coverings in luxury marine vessels and pool decks.
    Sustainable and 100% natural, this product offers exquisite aesthetics and a soft and cool under-foot feeling even on the warmest days, delivering extraordinary comfort and grip.

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Final Decking Materials Type

Grade ACM 49 ACM 94
Density (Kg/m³) (1) 600-750 >450
Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) (2) 0,154* 0,019*
Loss Factor (20ºC @ 1Hz) (3) 0,79* 0,17*

(1) ASTM F1315 (2) ISO 8301 (3) ASTM E756 * Typical Values

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