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Underlays are tiles to place between the floor surface and flooring which can result in several key benefits. They can be used in all types of flooring solutions providing significant improvements in terms of thermal comfort, sound insulation, floor leveling and energy efficiency.

Underlays can consist of pure agglomerated cork or agglomerated cork mixed with other composites, e.g. recycled rubber, PUR or EVA polymers. They can have different sizes, according to the application and they're the optimal solution for new projects and space renewals.

  • Test Underlay Sound Impact

    Listen the impact sound without Underlay and the impact sound with hard surface Flooring and Underlay (∆Lw= 22dB or 50 IIC).

    Play Click to listen the impact sound without underlay
    Play Click to listen the impact sound with flooring and underlay.

Surface flooring and underlay

Reduces structure-borne noise transmission as well as noise emissions generated inside the room when walking on the floor. The impact sound is significantly lower (∆Lw= 22dB or 50 IIC). There's an impact noise reduction up to 29dB and the walking sound can be reduced up to 53%.


Why choose a cork-based underlay?

Learn more about underlays and cork-based underlays, their purposes and features. With this eBook we expect to highlight and spread all the advantages of having a cork-based underlay.


Substrate / Structure


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