Cork: Different features for different applications (1)

Cork: Different features for different applications

We have discovered several novel applications for cork

All products by Amorim Cork Composites rely on a sustainability model that has been perfected throughout the company's history.
Based on the use of waste from the cork stopper industry and powered by a strong capacity for innovation, resilience and ingenuity, throughout its history, we have discovered several novel applications for cork.
Part of these applications reside in the flooring industry, in which the company has invested and acquired resources over the past years, with a view to exploring new applications in a partnership with many of its customers, which are the most consistent and innovative in the field.

The spectrum of benefits introduced by cork

In this industry in particular, we are able to showcase in one single product (flooring) the entire spectrum of benefits introduced by cork, from the core of the bark (smoother) to the outer layer (harder and denser).
The development of this raw material starts early in the tree. Cork develops different elements, from the superficial layer, which is clearly more dense and rigid, to a less dense and more elastic inner layer.


Cork, our raw material

These different features within the same piece allow us to obtain raw materials that are completely different from each other in their shape and characteristics through grinding, stratification and granulometric separation processes.
The softest and most resilient layer is mainly used as "pre-altached underlayment", which requires great strength and elasticity. This will later translate into the highly effective acoustic insulation that can be found in the floorings designed by our customers.

In its most dense and rigid form, cork showcases all its potential, providing more wear resistance, as well as resistance to deformities inflicted by impact or occasional weight exposure, by serving as a superficial layer, commonly called "top layer", which allows for direct printing or digital printing.


Nothing compares to the sensation of walking over a comfortable surface like cork!

A floor that contains at least two of our components will benefit from cork's acoustic high-performance, both in terms of noise insulation, for adjacent rooms, and in terms of internal comfort of the room, in which footfall noises are significantly cut down. Benefits will also be noted with regard to thermal comfort, as cork will work both as an insulator, trapping thermal energy inside each room, avoiding energy losses through the pavement, besides being a material that is more pleasing to the touch.

Nothing compares to the sensation of walking over a natural, thermally and mechanically comfortable surface like cork!


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