Multipurpose Cork Rubber and Rubber Flooring

Cork Rubber and Rubber products for different applications.

Cork Rubber and Rubber products to make your life easier.

With very good vibration absorbing abilities, cork and rubber can be used in a multipurpose space like a garage or to absorb the noise from the neighbours when the washing machine is being used.
On the other side it is also possible to install a personal gym at home with these products applied in the floor.
Easy to clean and easy to apply, it’s a solution that can be part of anyone’s life.

  • Multipurpose Pads

    Underneath washing machines, air conditioning units, chillers, electricity generators, bench top machine tolls.

  • Machine Pad

    To use underneath washing machines.

  • Rubber Mats

    To use underneath treadmills, in garages, etc.

  • Rubber Rolls

    To apply as a flooring solution for home gyms.


Accessories - Multipurpose Cork Rubber and Rubber Flooring

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