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Cork memo boards and other materials to pin up notes, messages, photos or documents. Consumer Goods

To never forget that unmissable date again, or leave yourself reminders, or pin up your best photo from your holidays... A memo board may be the solution.

Easy to install and very versatile, our memo boards allow you to pin up a vast range of materials without damaging the walls. They can be very useful at home, but also in offices, businesses and schools.

  • Utility and versatility

    Due to the simplicity of their structure, memo boards blend in easily with any space or environment.

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  • Increased productivity

    A memo board can contribute to making your environment, whether it be work, home, school, or elsewhere, more organized and creative, which always translates into increased productivity.

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  • A wide range of memo boards

    Amorim Cork Composites has various different options on offer for memo boards in different materials. In addition to classic memo boards in cork with a pine frame, we also offer memo boards with maps, magnetic boards, boards for writing on with chalk, as well as mixed models that combine these elements with cork.

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