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Leisure products

Properties of cork for increasing sports performance. Consumer Goods

Infinite possibilities

From ski pistes to football stadiums, golf courses to the waves of the ocean, snowboards to footwear for athletes, nowadays cork has a place in numerous sports and leisure activities.

Its 100% natural origin and characteristics such as lightness and durability also make it the ideal raw material for creating products that can be used in many sports. This is the case for yoga blocks.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are perfect for providing support and added security to newcomers to the activity who aren’t yet very flexible. The blocks enable advanced yoga enthusiasts to carry out strength training and help them to achieve more demanding balance positions.

They can also be used as a meditation cushion or as support during moments of relaxation at the beginning and end of the practice.

Taking advantage of the properties of this raw material, these cork yoga blocks are very lightweight and easy-to-carry, while at the same time conveying a feeling of warmth and comfort during exercise.



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