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Cork textile for a wide range of uses Consumer Goods

The Corkfabrics product takes up a position of importance by presenting itself as a real alternative to traditional fabric.

Hence, it fills a market niche and is a viable solution for several applications. Like leather or suede, it provides a sophisticated look and luxurious touch and is a more practical option since there are no major product maintenance concerns. Cork is easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth) and it is highly resistant to water and stains.

  • Malleability

    It is an extremely malleable fabric, which gives it a wide range of uses and applications since it can adapt to very different projects.

  • Combination with other materials

    Corkfabrics is a product easy to integrate with other materials, allowing a symbiosis between textures and hardness.

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Clothing, handbags, purses/wallets, watches, fashion accessories, furniture, wall coverings and school material (books and notebooks).


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