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Consumer Goods

Aesthetic and functional cork products to improve your daily life Materials & Applications
  • Kitchen and Tableware

    Off the beaten path. Original. Surprising... New. That's actually what you are looking for whenever decorating your house.

    Mankind has been using cork cups and bowls for centuries.

    Modern designers recover that tradition and cork's unique flexibility to create exciting new designs for tableware.

    Practical but elegant accessories to prepare and serve your meals, made of 100% natural, mouldable and malleable raw material.

  • Decoration

    The first cells ever to be observed through a microscope, in the 17th Century, were cork cells. So we've been aware cork is a living material than can be used as a natural solution for your home, with a wide range of cork fabrics and wall coverings to choose from.


  • Office Products

    For everyday contexts and displaying of a wide range of materials.

    Light. Flexible. Practical and easy to carry.


  • Bricolage

    Tiles to place between the floor surface and flooring.

    Making the sound of your steps around the house as light as a feather.

  • Leisure goods

    Adapted to multiple applications, and now facilitating the practice of sports.

  • Materia

    MATERIA is a collection of objects that fluidly and functionally fit into any contemporary environment and experience.



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Cork and Design Projects


Serpentine Gallery Pavillion 2012

Over 80 m3 of cork to cover the entire underground space, projected by the Herzog & de Meuron architectural office and the artist Ai Weiwei.

Case Studies
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A pioneering project developed by experimentadesign in partnership with Amorim, based on the unique properties of cork.

Case Studies
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The MATERIA collection was designed to occupy a place in the space of those who appreciate the comfort and functionality of objects.

Case Studies
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