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Acoustic & Vibration Isolation Materials

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Why Acousticork

Discover a specific compound formulations for acoustic insulation and vibration isolation which offer highly insulating or dampening materials in compliance with a wide range of environmental conditions and chemical resistance levels. See below the possible applications of Acousticork materials.

Cork absorbs energy due to its unique compressibility and recovery characteristics, yielding higher loss factors that are essential for the dampening function. Cork’s extremely low Poisson Ratio improves the behaviour of such materials in dynamic loading applications. Cork also brings durability to the applied solution.

  • Acoustic Insulation

    Materials designed with urbanisation, acoustic environments and sustainability in mind.

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  • Vibration Isolation

    A specific material formulation for vibration isolation which allies performance with environmental concerns.

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Reinventing construction

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Elastic bearing of stairs and landings


Separation of individual building parts


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