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Reliable and market renowned sealing material brand. Automotive

Accoseal is a range of market renowned and extensively specified sealing materials based on soft gasket technology, with a proven history in automotive sealing environments, while providing cost effective final product customization and manufacturing options.

Unique blends of cork and select rubbers produce materials indicated for soft gaskets sealing, that due to reduced side flow, allow for larger contact areas and higher compression ratios which guarantee an effective sealing barrier against potential flange surface imperfections, distortions and leakage paths.

  • Chemical Resistance

    Accoseal® products have extensive characterization against automotive application mediums such as fuel, lubricants and coolants. Dedicated grades are UL listed such as NC710, NC711 and NC711G under the UL157 category for fuel. Especially our Epichlorihydrin grade NC711G has been extensively tested in biodiesel and bioethanol fuel blends to various concentrations with remarkable results.

  • Material Conformability

    In stamped steel or lightweight assemblies Accoseal sponge grade materials are especially useful, being able to compress with minor fastener loading and minimum hardware distortion allowing for an overall optimized system design. Its controlled side flow allows for groove assembling without the need for allowance on the contrary to its incompressible counterparts such as rubber.



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Accoseal Product Range



Product Format Compressibility  (%)
400psi / 28 Kg/cm2
Characteristics and Uses Certifications
DC100 Sheets and Rolls 25 - 45 General-purpose gasket and sealing material; high cork content, minimum side flow.  
DC113 Sheets 10 - 30 General-purpose gasket and sealing material; high cork content for narrow gaskets, instruments bezels, etc.  
DC179 Sheets 35-50 Highly compressible material for low bolting pressures.  
DC205 Sheets / Rolls 15 - 35 / 25 - 45 Economical, highly compressible material for low bolting pressures.
LC800 Sheets 10 -30 Outstanding flexibility and resilience over wide range of temperatures. Excellent for coolant use.  
NC709 Sheets 30 - 50 Soft, highly compressible for low bolting pressures; oil and solvent resistance.  
NC710 Sheets / Rolls 20 - 45 / 25 - 45 Medium compressibility, with maximum oil and solvent resistance.  UL Listed.
NC711 Sheets / Rolls 10 - 25 / 15 - 30 Low compressibility, with maximum oil and solvent resistance. UL Listed.
NC733 Sheets 10 - 30 Performs in a wide range of wet or dry friction applications, operating successfully on jobs ranging from printer drives to heavy-duty transmissions in tractors and road graders.  
NC775 Sheets 10 - 25 High quality, low compressibility with good resistance to oils  
NL76 Sheets 30-45 High comprenssible. Resists fatigue; for cushion pads, low sealing stress requirements.  
NC711G Sheets 15-30 High quality, low compressibility with excellent chemical resistance to all fuel types.  

The data provided in this table represents typical values. This information is not intended to be used as a purchasing specification and does not imply suitability for use in a specific application. Failure to select the proper product may result in either equipments damage or personal injury. Please contact us regarding specific application recommendations. Amorim Cork Composites expressly disclaims all warranties, including any implied warranties or merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. Amorim Cork Composites is not liable for any indirect special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages as a result of using the information listed in this table. Any of its material specification sheets, its products or any future use or re-use of them by any person or entity.