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Cork, a sustainable realm of visuals and performance

Alexandre Carneiro Amorim has been encouraging designers to envision and explore another world Articles

Published 03 October 2016 by Alexandre Carneiro

Amorim has been encouraging designers to envision and explore another world

Harvested every nine years, without any tree being felled during the process, cork gives rise to an endless array of products, from the traditional to the most innovative and unexpected.

The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates, acquiring a smoother texture following each harvest. To participate in the harvesting of cork is an experience of a life time, and the start of an endless journey of discovery, where one´s senses are continuously granted with nature’s symphony.

Over its history, Amorim has been encouraging designers to envision and explore another world, a world of utopia where the art of nature thrives side by side with the art of men.

Our thought is to tackle one of the most demanding challenges of modern design – to create harmony between the complexity of functions and the simplicity of use, under a sustainable and economically viable environment.

Our collaborations with creative and technical industries provide us with the opportunity to express cork and make it available in different scales and in many diverse media. We see it as part of a continuous process of our on-going learning path in the furnishing industry.

It’s a two way process – we apply our knowledge raised through research, experimentation and over 140 years of history, but we also learn a great deal from the process of collaborating with others who lead their own industries.

We invite and are invited to participate in projects worldwide where we join forces with designers, architects and technical experts in an assumed process of cross-pollination because it is all about collaboration!

As we see the new possibilities created by design and the technology of other industries, we become more ambitious and encouraged to continue developing our own fabrication techniques. Designers have been feeding our dream of having cork transformed into innovative furnishing, bringing a breath of sophistication into users’ homes and everyday lives.

Behind cork´s natural exterior lies technology and thus a viable economic material for large scale furnishing projects.

We want to do something that improves people’s lives, by incorporating natural elegance in functionality.


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