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Amorim ECO21dB

Amorim ECO21dB

Vinyl isn’t what it used to be! Discover this new underlay specially designed to meet all LVT flooring requirements.

Unbeatable performance with reduced thickness.

Design and performance have changed the flooring industry, especially in the context of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). To meet the latest requirements we’ve developed the brand-new solution, Amorim ECO21dB - the perfect underlay for LVT flooring, that uses cork and other recycled materials, improves living comfort and is ingeniously simple to apply.

  • Why choose this underlay for your LVT flooring?

    To guarantee the latest technology under your feet. Amorim ECO21dB improves acoustic properties not only in terms of impact noise but also footfall noise, thereby increasing quality of life.

    The agglomerated cork and recycled EVA used in the solution is pressure-resistant and provides reliable protection for the flooring against damage.

  • Where to use it?

    Amorim ECO21dB is the perfect underlay for LVT flooring. 100% produced from recycled and natural materials, and crumb rubber free, Amorim ECO21dB is a totally sustainable underlay that is compatible with underfloor heating systems, suited for levelling out localized uneven areas, able to withstand repeated short duration loads, resistant against very heavy loads and protects LVT flooring from damage to the click-system joints.


5 main advantages from using Amorim ECO21dB

Amorim ECO21dB and the circular economy

Amorim Cork Composites has always defined its products and services to minimise waste, avoiding the “me-too” commodity game, while ensuring an adequate response to the latest market trends. Amorim ECO21dB is the result of market inputs (in performance terms), the company’s DNA (the core raw material) and the company’s forward-looking outlook (the circular economy).


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About Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites is a world-renowned company with a long legacy of achievements in aerospace, transportation, construction and sustainable green products using cork. At our Innovation and R&D centre, we are always searching for new and high performance solutions.

Targeted towards the LVT flooring industry’s new challenges, we have created Amorim ECO21dB that answers the needs of the most demanding flooring producers who are continuously looking for the best complements to their products. Amorim ECO21dB is a totally compliant solution with the circular economy. Its lifecycle is based on a never ending and sustainable process. Amorim ECO21dB uses recyclable materials and can be recycled again at the end of its lifecyle.