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IB Tower – Kuala Lumpur

IB Tower – Kuala Lumpur

Acousticork Underscreed provided acoustic comfort and noise control between compartments. Case Studies

The IB Tower building is an iconic landmark: an impressive building that changed the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. 

At 274 metres tall, it is one of the tallest buildings in the city. The IB Tower of 60 floors, designed by the award-winning company Foster + Partners, combines category 1 office space with luxury apartments that have multiple services included. The complex is a balanced model, both for business and leisure, perfectly in tune with the needs of modern professionals. The exigency of the building extends to acoustic and thermal performance. In order to achieve these standards a resilient Acousticork Underscreed was applied, which ensures acoustic comfort and mitigates the propagation of impact noise between compartments, as well as contributing to the thermal improvement of the constructive solutions. This material combines the technical capabilities with the demanding sustainability requirements of today.

This building is the result of an extensive and careful process of research on shapes. Its exoskeleton of diagonal lines, with triangular concrete structure and exterior trusses is offset by the elegant glassed surface lining the structural reinforcement of the building.

Main Goal

The architecture of the IB Tower with its dramatic lines and forms is destined to be one of the symbols of the city. It has a total roofed area of 92,903 m2, divided between 33 floors of office space and 22 floors of apartments with luxury services.

Foster + Partners is an international architecture, planning and design company founded by Lord Norman Foster. The company has earned extensive worldwide recognition and has already received more than 600 awards and numerous citations for excellence in design. It has also won over 100 national and international design competitions. In addition to the appropriate functioning of the building and its envisaged uses, it also has a strong concern for environmental and sustainability issues, and Acousticork Underscreed, as a recycled material, fits perfectly with these premises. It's made from recycled car and truck tyres, part of a recycling and recovery circuit of transport sector waste.

Norman Foster became the 21st winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1999 and was also awarded the Praemium Imperiale Architecture Prize in 2002.


The IB Tower is an intelligent building that provides long-term sustainability, with minimal environmental impact. The controls integrated in the building allow it to optimise business operations and improve energy efficiency.

Key characteristics


This Acousticork Underscreed is a resilient blanket made of a base of recycled rubber intended to be in line with the principle of sustainability. One of the most versatile products of the Acousticork range, it is installed immediately before the final finishing on floors, to provide acoustic and thermal insulation. Hence, it acts to prevent the impact noise emitted in one compartment to propagate through the building structure, thus ensuring there is no contamination of the adjoining compartments.


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