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Snowboard with Amorim cork wins ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 prize


Snowboard with Next Core© technology developed by the Swiss company "Anticonf" which integrates Amorim cork, has just won one of the most renowned awards within the sporting goods industry, the ISPO BRAND NEW 2017.

The Anticonf Snowboard is a both green and high-performance product. The Next Core © technology shows impressive mechanical performances while being lighter and better at absorbing vibrations.

Instead of a classical longitudinal wooden core, it is composed of bended bamboo stringers that direct energy transmission from the feet to the “more POP” edges and cork core making the board lighter and better at absorbing vibrations. The advantages of cork are mainly related to its honeycomb-like structure of microscopic closed cells filled with an air-like gas coated with suberin. One cubic centimetre of cork contains about 40 million cells.

snowboard cork 3.jpg

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