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New tool for Panels & Composites

New tool for Panels & Composites


Learn about our new Multilayer Panel Simulator and how this tool can help your business.

The new Multilayer Panel Simulator (MPS) is a tool developed by Amorim Cork Composites to simulate the acoustic performance of a multilayer panel, with two main approaches:

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Considering a desired acoustic performance and base structural materials intended to be used. Based on this information the MPS simulator will define the best core solution constructions for your multilayer panel.



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Based on a specific set of defined materials and layers, the MPS will simulate the multilayer panel acoustic performance.

This new simulator is a highly intuitive customized design solution, which uses simple graphics to help you in the selection process.

This tool has been specially developed using our market-orientated techniques. We believe that this tool will provide our clients with a better understanding of the impact of the combination of materials that they want to use to achieve a certain performance or help them to find the right materials for the application that they want to use, in order to achieve the best acoustic isolation performance. In function of your project’s final objective and the multiple combination of materials and applications you seek, this tool offers the best solution to attain your final objective.



MPS: Multilayer Panel Simulator

Specifically developed to simulate the acoustic performance and aid in the design of multilayer panels.

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