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Mega cork installation in the inauguration of the Natural History Museum in Tel Aviv


“Blocks” is an installation by Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz, an Israeli designer based in London, founder and director of the Kukka Studio.

Coming into contact with cork, while socialising and enjoying this community leisure space, is the invitation made by Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz with her installation "Blocks", on display in the Natural History Museum in Tel Aviv, in the framework of the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair, between March 28 and April 1. The work was produced in response to a challenge launched by the Museum to design an outdoor leisure area, in a space that offers magnificent views over its botanical gardens. Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz, founder and director of Kukka Studio - who organised a cork workshop in the Domaine de Boisbuchet in the summer of 2016 - didn’t hesitate to develop a cork installation: "I was very excited about the possibility of working with cork once again, since it’s  such an inspiring material form me to work with. It was also clear that we had to choose a sustainable material, in line with the essence of the Natural History Museum itself and its botanical gardens.”

Cork leisure area distinguishes the outdoor zone of the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair in Israel.

Cork blocks _Tel Aviv_Amorim Cork Composites.jpg

Cork leisure area distinguishes the outdoor zone of the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art & Design Fair in Israel.


"Blocks" is a 50 m2 installation, entirely built using cork blocks. A total of 108 blocks of cork were used (940x640x20 cm), made from three different composites, thereby creating an informal seating area inspired by the topography of the surrounding natural setting. Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz explains "I have developed several works based on images. When we observe topographical maps there is emphasis on the use of different colours, which indicate different heights and shadows. So I decided that I would solely use three different composites in order to create a topographical visual effect, in terms of colour and texture.”

“The blocks supplied by Corticeira Amorim are sufficiently heavy that no additional connection is required between them. In addition, cork is a waterproof material, absorbs vibration and has acoustic insulation characteristics. It’s resistant and durable.”

Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz, Designer

The Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair is Israel's largest art fair. It attracts more than 30,000 visitors annually from professional circles of curators, collectors, the media, art and design enthusiasts, and is open to the general public. As a result of the installation, all visitors will come into contact with Portuguese cork. Given its importance, this event is supported by, and has the participation of, some of Israel’s most important art institutions and museums.

“It’s a privilege to work with Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz again and thereby have the opportunity to present cork to the local creative community, which is paying special attention to sustainable and versatile materials.”

Carlos Jesus, Corticeira Amorim’s Director of Marketing and Communication

The installation, “Blocks”, shown in the 2017 edition, was made possible through the support from Corticeira Amorim and the British Council in Israel.


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