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Cruising with a reduced footprint

Cruising with a reduced footprint


Green shipbuilding reaches cruise speed with the help of ACM52, an innovative and sustainable cork-based interior primary decking solution which ensures that ships comply with safety standards while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Cork technology is in a strong position to make an important contribution to a cleaner, greener cruise ship industry, with greater IMO compliance. ACM52 is a new multifunctional product for interior deck covering with IMO certification that combines outstanding technical and functional performance with impeccable sustainability credentials.

    A cork composite material specially designed to be used as an interior primary deck covering, of 5 to 50mm thickness on metallic substrates.

  • Designed in compliance with stringent fire, smoke and toxicity standards, ACM52 has exceptionally low thermal conductivity, thereby offering damping performance with acoustic benefits. Extremely lightweight – it is 2 to 5 times lighter than conventional decking – it provides comfort and performance while reducing the carbon footprint, thanks to cork’s natural characteristics and its important contribution to energy savings.

    Because its main constituent is cork, a 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material, ACM52 stands out as a particularly valuable solution for sustainable deck construction, in compliance with the industry’s safety standards.


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