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What they say about Amorim Cork Composites

  • Cláudia Bastos

    Management Control

    The Cork Potential Program has given me a more authentic view of the business world. At Amorim Cork Composites, every day there are challenges that need to be overcome on a personal and professional level. Skills such as resilience, communication and teamwork are key to making the most of all the growth and learning opportunities the organization gives us.

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  • Tânia Melo

    Product Engineering

    The internship at Amorim Cork Composites allowed me to transform the challenges I faced into opportunities for learning and growth at all levels. It is rewarding to undertake an internship in a dynamic company such as the ACC that provides us with autonomy and the possibility of seeing our projects implemented. In this organization, every day is a new experience.

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  • Tiago Lopes

    Health and Safety

    Working at Amorim Cork Composites is highly enriching and also at times very challenging. The dynamics of the company require the best of all of us. Every day we have new goals and new projects that allow us to develop as professionals. The fast pace and variety of challenges allows us to quickly succeed and move to  the next project. The wealth of experience and knowledge combined with the strong opportunities for professional growth lead to only one result: success.

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