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Blog 18 . Dec . 2020

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017

Developed by Japanese designer Keiji Takeuchi, the new wine bottle support, complements SIX, a bottle rack designed by James Irvine and presented in 2015, and thereby strengthens the collection’s link to the world of wine. This item has a minimalist aesthetic and strikes a balance between art and functionality, taking…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
What is the perspective of the North American flooring industry on cork?

The North American market sees cork as a value-added product and as a sustainable product. But it is not yet a mainstream product. Most of the cork used in the US is for industrial applications. That will change as the demands of the market change. Of course, we [the US] are the world’s biggest users of cork wine stopp…

25 . Jul . 2017
Whether it is a cork stopper, a pair of designer shoes, a piece of furniture, even the tiniest bit of cork in your house is a reminder of th…

Cork oak forests occupy an estimated area of over 2.2 million acres in the West Mediterranean basin.Like the Mediterranean diet, sunshine and great wine, cork oak forests are an icon of the Mediterranean way of life. Around 90% of the area of distribution of the species is found in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Algeria…

Articles 09 . Aug . 2019

Let us introduce you to Go4cork, a new brand of DIY cork products created especially for people who are always thinking of the next project for renovating or decorating their house or office, but are also concerned with the environment and value responsible consumption. With Go4cork it’s so easy to make small changes o…


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