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25 . Jul . 2017

Over the years we have been developing cork´s molding techniques, and thus providing the furnishing industry with the possibility to use cork in different shapes under a competitive framework. Taking full advantage of one of cork greatest assets: flexibility.

News 25 . Jul . 2017
Cork 3D Molding - Unleashing Creativity

Amorim Cork Composites develops a new composite for 3D molding technology.

31 . Jul . 2017
Shoe Molding

Humidity-resistant molding for high traffic areas.

News 14 . Jun . 2021
“cork was chosen because of its molding capacity, malleability and flexibility"

Sumayya Vally, a recent TIME100 Next List honoree, was the 20th entity invited to design the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. The youngest architect to be chosen to lead Serpentine's iconic architecture program says “cork was chosen because of its molding capacity, malleability and flexibility, making it possible to recrea…

News 25 . Jul . 2017
What do you think about the cork molding properties? Do you consider it a good material to work with this technique?

I believe that molding is an excellent alternative to machining, as it is more cost-efficient, offers a superior finish and uses less raw material. It is really interesting being part of a team that is trying to take this technology to the next level, with a higher degree of both precision and automation. We are also l…

News 12 . Dec . 2017
What do you think about cork molding techniques?

Cédric: These will help the material explore new applications. Klas: I think this is a key factor to creating new business options, and I believe this is the most interesting innovation for cork, especially for Studio Corkinho.

News 25 . Aug . 2020
What is the potential of 3d moulding techniques for cork, in your opinion?

We haven’t yet tested 3D moulding, but we feel pretty amazed by this technology.Bridging craft with technology is always inspiring. Mixing up modern techniques with a material that has a strong heritage can only bring new ideas. We feel closer to craftsmanship, sculpting … the poetry of working with our hands…But for c…

News 25 . Jul . 2017

09 . Oct . 2018
Thermoplastic Rubber (T.P.R.)

A plastic material used by many manufacturers in the injection molding process.

News 08 . Sep . 2021
What kind of techniques were used to make these pieces?

The cork was laminated using a biological binder, which gives it even higher resistance and durability. The machining and molding processes allow us to create interesting shapes without losing cork’s core structure.

Automotive 25 . Jul . 2017
3D Gasket Materials

For specific hardware designs, we also provide the possibility of 3D cork rubber gasket materials developed and used for injection and transfer molding. These innovative materials have been used in heavy duty applications for heat resistance and chemical compatibility depending on the environment, whilst maintaining th…

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies

To answer Spinneybeck's criteria and demands of its new collection, Amorim Cork Composites developed materials, processes and tools to produce the cork tiles designed by Lars Beller Fjetland. Inspired by techniques used in traditional shoe sole molding, Lisboa and Porto tiles are acoustically absorptive composite cork…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019
text 2

2. It makes a difference in the lives of people who depend on it Cork is an important social and economic development factor for Western Mediterranean countries, enabling people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid areas. In addition to thousands of direct jobs, the cork oak forest generates various oth…

Case Studies 06 . Feb . 2019
Case Studies
Taking advantage of the precision of CNC moulding technology, 1,500 diamond-shaped cork modules have been used to build an impressive 13-met…

The cork blocks were moulded using CNC technology and were then combined, one by one, to test the construction format. After assembly of the test version, the structure was disassembled and the modules were transported to the store where they were re-combined, in less than 10 days, creating an impressive arch that welc…

Case Studies 12 . Mar . 2019
Case Studies
Technology meets design (1)

The cork’s sensory and functional attributes, coupled with a wide range of possibilities created by technologies such as CNC machining, moulding or lamination, have sparked creativity of developers and designers in the furniture industry all over the world, thus pathing the way to the development of new pieces that com…

News 05 . Jun . 2018

The main category of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018, an initiative that in Portugal is organized by E&Y/ Expresso, was attributed to António Rios de Amorim, Chairman and CEO of Corticeira Amorim, at a ceremony held yesterday in the Convent of Beato, Lisbon, attended by some of Portugal's leading personalit…

Case Studies 25 . Jan . 2022
Case Studies
Resilience, compressibility, and friction resistance

Using moulding techniques, the natural characteristics of cork such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch, come together, offering a sense of well-being, natural beauty and comfort inside the car. A solution that, bearing in mind the resilience, compressibility, and friction resistance of this unique mater…

News 09 . Nov . 2020
Natural beauty. A solution prepared to withstand the demands of everyday life

Moulding techniques have made it possible to combine cork’s natural characteristics - such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch – to provide a feeling of well-being, natural beauty and comfort inside the car. In view of cork’s unique resilience, compressibility and resistance to friction this solution is…


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