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Articles 20 . Jul . 2018
Does cork infill limit granulate agglomeration?

When subject to higher temperatures or increased pressure, non-organic infills, particularly EPDM, tend to soften or agglomerate, creating granules. These agglomerates are hazardous for players and increase the likelihood of injuries. Furthermore, if the performance infill is agglomerated, it loses optimal performance…

Case Studies 07 . Feb . 2018
Articles 20 . Nov . 2018
7 reasons to choose cork infills

Main benefits of cork-based or cork infill

01 . Aug . 2017
Cork Infill - V2

This product is a new generation of composite material incorporating cork. It is implemented as an innovative solution for use in artificial turf: its application is similar to that of a substrate, replacing traditional recycled rubber pellets. V2 significantly reduces the surface temperature of the turf, having a dire…

News 18 . Apr . 2019
Amorim Cork Composites Infills awarded RAL quality certificate

Cork Infills meet requirements of standards RAL-GZ 944 and DIN-EN 15330-1

Articles 20 . Jul . 2018
Cork infills

Environmentally and people-friendly artificial turf system solutions.


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