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25 . Jul . 2017
CNC machining

CNC machining is one of the processes we use to produce cork furnishing items. The introduction of CNC in the industry allowed for complex 3D structures to be produced with higher competitiveness, by reducing human intervention and lead times. Multiple axis machines sculpt cork with high quality finishing and thus brin…

Case Studies 12 . Mar . 2019
Case Studies 06 . Feb . 2019
Case Studies
Taking advantage of the precision of CNC moulding technology, 1,500 diamond-shaped cork modules have been used to build an impressive 13-met…

The cork blocks were moulded using CNC technology and were then combined, one by one, to test the construction format. After assembly of the test version, the structure was disassembled and the modules were transported to the store where they were re-combined, in less than 10 days, creating an impressive arch that welc…

News 25 . Jul . 2017
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Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable raw material that inspires designers creativity. The industrial processes? These are very developed and in continuous research. Cork can enter the industry in processes such as: 3D Molding, CNC machining, Lamination with different materials, Compression molding, and Board on frame.…

News 26 . Oct . 2017

After WWII agglomerated and rubber cork have been a constant feature of orthopedic applications (orthoses), integrated within specially made shoes, or simply as materials for CnC customized parts or even as a correction material when making adjustments to customized items for patients.

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
Optimisation of deck assembly and upstream processes

Since 2009, WOLZ NAUTIC has been pioneering in cork technology, significantly improving deck assembly in terms of man-hours, material costs, material handling and finishing.These advantages are made possible by the unique features of cork technology.Cork can be joined with conventional industrial adhesives and various…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019
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2. It makes a difference in the lives of people who depend on it Cork is an important social and economic development factor for Western Mediterranean countries, enabling people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid areas. In addition to thousands of direct jobs, the cork oak forest generates various oth…


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