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Cork and cork-based infills designed to ensure performance naturally.

Bringing back a part of nature to the artificial turf system.

As a natural product, granulated cork is a renewable raw material derived from the bark of cork oak from sustainably managed sources. Since 2007, granulated cork has been increasingly put to use as infill in artificial turf systems. For infill production, leftover material from bottle cork production is granulated.

The use of cork as an infill is favored due to its many positive proprieties, such as: low density (insulation properties with low heat absorption when exposed to sunlight), high elasticity (because of the large share of air that fills its cell structure), high strength and low wear, high fire resistance, attractive life-cycle assessment, no environmental toxicity, largely odor-neutral and decay resistance (due to the suberin content of the cork, the material is highly resistant to moisture and subsequent oxidization and decay).

Cork infills designed to avoid unwanted consequences

We offer natural and extruded compounds specifically designed to be used as artificial turf infills that respect the specification of an appropriate construction standard, and to avoid unwanted consequences.

Our infills are designed to allow functional suitability, a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility, material durability and multifunctionality.

  • Elasticity thanks to cork cellular structure

    Cork is made of millions of airtight cells, divided by a gaseous mixture that allows it to be compressed to half of its thickness without losing any flexibility, and to be decompressed in order to return to its original shape.

    This characteristic lends cork high elasticity and compression resistance that is advantageous when cork is used as infill for artificial turf systems.

  • Amorim Nature 130 and 190, natural infill with a very low percentage of small particles

    Amorim Nature 130 and 190 are natural infill for artificial turf based on cork granules between 1 and 2mm. Cork infills from Amorim contain only top-quality material (and no filler) and are wear resistant. With Amorim Nature 190 we are making the installation process simpler (to introduce cork infill into artificial turf) without compromising performance.

    Cork infill is a very resistant with strong durability, almost unalterable and imperishable. Due to its membrane flexibility, the cells in Amorim Nature function as microscopic air cushions, which regain their shape after compression. Amorim Nature infills offer excellent shock absorbing properties, meeting industry standards for immediate and long-term player safety.


German quality mark - RAL Gütezeichen

To be certified with the RAL quality mark means that:

Amorim Cork Composites cork infills and production processes are thereby externally monitored, without any prior notice, by an independent quality community and checked for their consistency and uniformity;
Amorim Cork Composites cork infills comply with DIN-EN 15330-1;
Amorim Cork Composites cork infills comply with and are tested according to RAL-GZ 944 requirements;
Amorim Cork Composites cork infills are environmentally friendly (in compliance with all the RAL highly stringent requirements).

RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Marks) differ from other labels because the RAL quality assurance system guarantees that they are neutral and objective. In addition, the Quality Assurance Associations regularly check the Quality Assurance and Test Specifications and adapt them when necessary to new requirements and thereby keep the regulations up-to-date. RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Marks) are thus an independent, objective validation for quality assurance, that represent a consistently monitored level of quality.

Infill's main attributes


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Material  Particle Size (mm) Bul Density (Kg/m³) Moisture Content (%)
Amorim Nature 130 1 - 2 110 - 130
(10.61-13.11 lb/ft³)
< 12
Amorim Nature 190 1 - 2 170 - 210
< 14

The data provided in this table represents typical values. This information is not intended to be used as a purchasing specification and does not imply suitability for use in a specific application. Failure to select the proper product may result in either equipments damage or personal injury. Please contact us regarding specific application recommendations. Amorim Cork Composites expressly disclaims all warranties, including any implied warranties or merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. Amorim Cork Composites is not liable for any indirect special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages as a result of using the information listed in this tabl. Any of its material specification sheets, its products or any future use or re-use of them by any person or entity.