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Core materials for composite structures & panels. Panels and Composites

Our Corecork range of products enhance the scope of core materials for composite structures with unique properties.

Cork’s elastic structure composed of closed air filled impermeable cells brings features such as noise and vibration attenuation as well as thermal insulation, making it a versatile core alternative for open and closed mold processes in the composites industry.

Its specific formulation ensures a natural perforation for resin impregnation, while cork’s closed cell structure reduces resin consumption and therefore bringing lightness and cost savings overall. It also has proven compatibility to all resins used in the industry such as polyester, vinyl-ester, epoxy and phenolic.

The benefits from using the Corecork range of materials goes beyond function and into the manufacturing process, assisting manufacturers in obtaining an immediate high quality surface finish, due to outstanding print through blocking capability enhanced by its inherent thermal insulation property, reducing rework and increasing productivity.

  • Renewable Energy

    Perfectly aligned with the philosophy of renewable energy, Corecork is the green material for green energy production. Renewable energy equipment like wind turbine blades are often subject to the unpredictable power of nature, Corecork’s functionality introduces damping into the composite structure reducing structural vibration and noise generation whilst adding surface shock resistance, it also serves as a thermal delay in the composite for deicing mechanisms.

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  • Transportation

    As in all models of mobility today such as marine, bus, coach or rail, the need to reduce weight to lower energy costs and increase multi-functionality to products has become paramount. Our core materials can be found in a number of different components and applications such as interior side and ceiling panels, floor panels, sanitary booth and exterior body panels bringing weight reduction, acoustic and thermal comfort as well as savings and better aesthetics to the final product. 

  • Sports & Leisure

    The Sports & Leisure industry has grown considerably and so has the usage of Corecork in such applications, from surfboards, kayaks, windsurfing boards, paddle boards, karts to small sailing boats. Our core materials are preferred due to the need for shock and impact resistance, as well as resilience and lightness which are imperative to guarantee a superior performance and a long lasting product.



Materials & Manufacturing Processes

Key benefits NL10 NL20
Density (Kg/m³) (1)  120–180  170–235
Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) (2)  0,042*  0,044*
Loss Factor (20ºC @ 1Hz) (3)  0,022*  0,043*

 * Typical Values (1) ASTM F1315 (2) ISO 8301 (3) ASTM E756

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