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Multifunctional Modular Panels

Multifunctional Modular Panels

Alucork is used as a lightweight floating floor system for railway interiors which addresses all comfort aspects of a railway floor, while using a simple but efficient concept and design.

It’s a true sustainable product, using renewable materials and assuring full recyclability of raw material at End Of Life. The manufacturing technology behind Alucork allows project engineers’ to rethink how the floor is installed, significantly reducing lead-times and lowering total costs.

Composed of a sandwich panel made of a Corecork core in a sandwich system with aluminum skins, it is a technical panel with approximately 40% weight reduction and contributing to a smaller environmental footprint, when compared with similar products in the market.

The technical advantages of Alucork Panel System derive from its wide possibility of customization and modular design, which allows for unparalleled performance across the value chain, from manufacture to operation.

  • Thermal Performance

    Thermal insulation is part of Alucork's multi-functionality and is provided by it’s Core, NL20’s low thermal conductivity - 0,045 W/m2ºC - and long term durability assures an efficient thermal insulation throughout the product life guaranteeing passenger comfort and reducing operational costs with acclimatization.

  • Acoustic Performance

    Reduction of noise transmission can reach levels of 5 to 12dB (across the frequency range up to 5kHz) compared to conventional flooring systems and depending on the Alucork construction type. Overall when considering the soundproofing per unit of mass (dB / kg), Alucork distances itself from any system known, making it the most efficient choice in the market.

    PANELS AND COMPOSITES_Rail Flooring Systems (ALUCORK)5.jpg
  • Fire Performance

    From the latest reference standard that addresses the behavior of materials and components to fire in railway vehicles (EN45545-2) which replaces all national European standards since the beginning of 2016, Alucork has attained within the R10 class requirements the demanding level of HL3, according to the level of risk which prioritizes lower risk - HL1 / HL2 / HL3 – highest risk.



Alucork Type

Key benefits Alucork2030 Alucork2034 Alucork3036
Panel construction AL+Corecork+AL AL+Corecork+AL AL+Corecork+AL
Panel thickness (mm) 20 20 30
Damping loss factor 0,10* 0,14* 0,11*
Weight (Floor panel w/o profiles) (Kg/m²)  8,6 12,1 9,9
Sound Transmission Loss (dB) 30* 34* 36*

* Typical Values (1) ASTM F1315 (2) ISO 8301 (3) ASTM E756

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