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Key tecnhologies

Let’s Cork Together

Our key technologies

Cork can be transformed through various industrial processes that allow creating products with a high degree of perfection and detail. Learn about some of the technologies we work with at Amorim Cork Composites. 

  • CNC Machining

    CNC machining is a technological process that makes it possible to create complex 3D structures with very precise and high-quality finishes. Applied to cork, it originates decorative and utility pieces that combine aesthetics and the softness of shapes. 

    From the production point of view, CNC machining - especially the five-axis machining used at Amorim Cork Composites - reduces the need for human intervention and reduces execution time. 

    Amorim - CNC_Machining_1.jpg
  • Compression molding

    For more demanding formats, we have developed a special cork formula that can be molded to create complex shapes. Compression molding allows for faster production cycles than CNC machining and is suitable for large-scale production. Furthermore, compression molding is a technique that allows for high throughputs, making the products more competitive. 

    Amorim - Molding.jpg
  • Lamination

    Lamination is a technique widely used in the furniture industry in which cork is used to cover wooden structures, foams, plastics, metal, rubber or fibers. It is thus possible to associate the appearance of cork with the robustness and resistance of the material that serves as its structure. 

    Amorim - Lamination.jpg
  • Board on frame 

    Board on frame structures are coated with cork on the outer sides and have an inner structure in honeycomb cardboard. This technique allows producing pieces of furniture and other very stable, resistant and lighter home and office goods. 


    Amorim - Board on Frame (1).jpg
  • Various finishes

    Cork is a natural material with unique sensory attributes such as its appearance and soft touch. To protect it from external elements such as humidity, abrasion and stains, we suggest several coating solutions that respect these properties and make goods produced with cork very resistant and durable.

    Amorim - Finishes.jpg

Home, Office & Leisure

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