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Cork, harmony between complexity of functions and simplicity of use. Materials & Applications

Cork, the art of nature. Design, the elegance of function. Its combination unleashed creativity in the furnishing industry, resulting in a sustainable realm of visuals and performance.

We are part of an evolution path where new processes and technologies are constantly being developed. Sensorial and functional attributes frame cork as a highly competitive material and thus a premium material of choice for designers and engineers from the furnishing industry.

  • 3D Molding for different applications

    We developed a special cork formula which withstands the challenges of 3D molding and thus the creation of complex shapes. We mold cork with different materials which are available on the market, like wood veneer, bio based materials or polyester fibers.

  • CNC machining

    CNC machining is one of the processes we use to produce cork furnishing items.

    The introduction of CNC in the industry allowed for complex 3D structures to be produced with higher competitiveness, by reducing human intervention and lead times.

    Multiple axis machines sculpt cork with high quality finishing and thus bringing to life extraordinary design pieces.

  • Moulding

    Over the years we have been developing cork´s molding techniques, and thus providing the furnishing industry with the possibility to use cork in different shapes under a competitive framework.

    Taking full advantage of one of cork greatest assets: flexibility. 

  • Coating

    Cork is a natural material with a unique touch, visual and warm feeling. In order to protect it from external elements like humidity, abrasion and stains, we continuously develop different coatings which maintain cork´s sensorial attributes throughout time.


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