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What do our partners have to say about the use of cork in the footwear industry?



    "I think it's very good to use different materials combined with cork. We notice that it is very difficult to find recycled materials and natural materials, and the best way is to combine them together because many things are not tested now. It's more than a toe separator - it's a way of life."

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António Salazar - CEO Kankura Golf

Using cork brings several key advantages. For example, cork offers comfort and thermal inertia, which is very important in footwear used for golf, given that golfers may face very cold temperatures in the winter and a lot of heat in the summer. Moreover cork is a material with tremendous elasticity, cushioning the impact of long walks, and has the great advantage of being a 100% Portuguese material. Cork is one of nature's most sustainable materials.

  • Carlos Pinheiro



    “Cork has a very attractive visual appearance and is currently in strong demand. It’s excellent that it can be used in finished product and also in soles in conjunction with other materials. Cork’s key attraction is its ease of use in the production process for gluing the different shoe components, due to the great difficulty that sometimes exists in gluing different types of materials. The trend towards rising requirements from laboratories and end customers to use products that are more environmentally friendly, sustainable, of natural origin and free from health hazards, means that cork has unique characteristics in this market and is highly valued.”

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  • Luís Miguel Sá



    “The incorporation of cork in the orthopaedic footwear market is extremely beneficial, because it ensures excellent quality, highly valued in our products, because it is a rich raw material, extremely easy to mould, and has the capacity to be a breathable material. It also delivers multiple advantages for orthopaedic footwear in different applications, that enables to use cork to develop a wide range of solutions. The orthopaedic footwear market has been using cork in its products for some time, because in addition to providing benefits to the footwear itself, it enhances the shoe, establishing it as a fashion footwear item, more appealing to customers. Amorim Cork Composites’ support is very important for us, since the company provides us with all necessary support, and maintains very close communication with Myorthopedics, which ensures better results, and better quality for our products. Use of cork in footwear, as an ecological and sustainable material, brings a different vision to the business, inclusively for end customers.”

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  • António Lemos

    Lg Indústria de Calçado, Lda


    "We started using cork at the suggestion of Kankura Golf, a company that sells golf shoes that incorporate premium materials, such as leather and waterproof lining materials. Kankura decided to develop new cork-based products for this season, with support from Amorim. Cork gives the shoe unique characteristics, such as water resistance, which means that this type of footwear is highly valued in this segment - golf."

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