Tiles to place between the floor surface and flooring making the sound of your steps around the house as light as a feather.

The use of underlayments with many types of flooring product can provide significant improvements in terms of sound insulation and reduction, as well as thermal and walking comfort.

Our underlayments can consist of agglomerated cork granules or agglomerated cork mixed with other recycled materials. Such as: Tire Derived Rubber or High Density Polyurethane or EVA Foam granules. The underlayments can have different thicknesses, depending on the finished flooring used and the level of acoustic performance required for the application.
Underlayments not only improve the acoustical and thermal characteristics of the final floor, but also contribute to the levelling of the subfloor, creating a more satisfactory appearance of the finished flooring. Our underlayments are a great solution for new construction applications and or renovations of existing spaces.

  • Test Underlayment Sound Impact

    Listen the impact sound without Underlayment and the impact sound with hard surface Flooring and Underlayment
    IIC = 50.

    Play Click hear to listen the impact sound without underlayment.
    Play Click hear to listen the impact sound with flooring and underlayment.
  • Why should I use an underlayment?

    Discover 7 reasons for using cork underlayment when renovating your home.


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