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Memo Board

Cork panel for posting notes, posters or other documents Consumer Goods

Memo Board is a useful and versatile item that fits in very different contexts and permits the display of a wide range of materials.

It can be used in a specifically professional context - in your office as a reminders board of projects and useful dates; in a home context - as a decorative element and support for photos or useful messages; or any other context - as a reference point with useful information that can be updated at any time, without effort and almost immediately.

The memo board is also very easy to install (no specific fixation system is needed), which reduces the time and effort required for its assembly.

  • Usefulness and versatility

    This product, due to the simplicity of its structure, harmonizes with any environment or context.

  • Organization

    The use of the memo board will increase organisation where it is used (work, home, school, or other), which almost always means increased productivity.

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We offer a wide range of memo boards, based on the range of materials

Corkboard frame with pine frame; magnetic panel, panel adapted for writing with chalk; and also mixed boards, which combine a corkboard and magnetic panel.

This range of materials means you can choose the model that best suits your needs. The magnetic board lets you post information with our memo magnets, while the corkboard allows to do it with pins, adding to the aesthetic appearance provided by the visible cork. The board that allows notes to be written in chalk has the advantage that information can quickly and economically be inserted and removed.


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