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Kitchen Accessories

Quality ingredients and perfect utensils are essential to ensure your recipes are spot on Consumer Goods

Desk accessories made with this raw material, making use of innovative applications for cork, are proof that nature is wise: they combine functionality, design and quality, without ever neglecting the conservation of the environment.

The kitchen has a very important role in a house. It is the room where the family meals are prepared and usually where everyone meets to share those meals. Our articles allow you to complete your collection of kitchen items/articles, to make this space even more welcoming.


  • Cutting board

    This board has a dual function: cutting food and their transport to the pan. It contains, therefore, a space that holds the food as it is cut.

  • Stands for hot pans

    Cork is an exceptional insulator and it is this feature that makes it such a common choice as a stand for hot objects. We have a wide range of hot pads that meet the needs of a kitchen, both in terms of size, thickness and even shape.

    amorim-kitchen-stands-hot-pans .jpg
  • Jars

    This collection consists of a set of three containers of different heights. Made from painted cork and wood chipboard, they are useful for storing all types of products. They can be arranged in a simple and practical way: vertically stacked on top of each other. 

  • Bottle rack

    Our bottle rack is a practical and stylish storage solution that is always ready for use. It is made from a combination of cork agglomerates to form a very sturdy support structure.


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