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Functionality, design and quality in accessories for preparing and serving meals. Consumer Goods

Since its origins many centuries ago, cork has been associated with the manufacture of cups and other receptacles. Nowadays, developers and designers draw on this tradition to create practical and elegant accessories for use at the table and around the kitchen, always bearing minimal environmental impact in mind.

Original and durable, enjoy the aesthetics and versatility of different cork products for the home and kitchen. You can use them simply as decorative objects or explore the more practical and useful side of our different products. By your side as you cook or enjoy a meal with family or friends, our products can bring more life to everyday experiences.

  • Heat mats

    Cork is an excellent insulator and it is this characteristic that often makes it a top choice for heat mats. Our range of heat mats includes different solutions of various shapes, thicknesses and dimensions.

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  • Trays

    Tray are an indispensable object in any home. Round, square or rectangular, our cork trays are perfect for serving small meals, with the advantage of being very light and durable.

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  • Coasters

    Protect your table with cork coasters for your cups and glasses. Lightweight and waterproof, they can be used with all types of glasses or cups. The natural, neutral colour of cork will blend easily with the rest of your table decorations.

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  • Table placemats

    Add a touch of style and class to meals you serve with cork table settings. Suited to daily use, the placemats are durable and easy to clean. Combine them chinaware and other accessories to create a modern and relaxed table.

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